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Kimber Stocking Dealer

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Kimber Pepper Spray Guns


  • Pepper Blaster II
  • JPX Jet Protector

Performance, ergonomics, and award-winning innovation make Kimber Less-Lethal products the finest that money can buy.

Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) is the most effective inflammatory agent available today. Derived from the cayenne pepper plant, OC has overwhelming debilitating effects that immediately stop even the most violent attacks.

Kimber Less-Lethal products use patented Jet Protector Technology® to deliver multiple blasts of exceptionally potent OC solution at extremely high speeds. The effect is immediate, and lasts for up to 45-60 minutes. With a longer effective range than conventional aerosol sprays, the JPX and PepperBlaster II stop threats at a safe distance.

Kimber Less-Lethal Spray Products

Kimber Pepper Spray Guns


If you carry pepper spray, make sure you have the best. Make it a Kimber.

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